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I need a manga artist to draw character sketches for me. I have no money.
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Title: Elements- Pilot                    Page 1


On a planet known as Prime there are said to be seven legendary stones of great power called Elements. They are foretold to have the power to shape destinies and bring even the strongest of enemies to their knees. This is the story of those who seek to grasp the stone's power, the power to control nature's elements.


My name is Jade. I belong to a race of beings called Fehumans. I took an oath to protect the planet Prime from evil and destruction. A great war is looming over the planet Prime. Someday it will come. Will we be able to stop it? I once thought we could but now I do not know.


A demon named Vega once told me that with great power comes great responsibility and sometimes to do great good you must do great evil. To do something for the greater good isn’t always right.


The next time we met I almost died.


Jade ran through an underground cavern. She kept running. A ledge was coming up she didn’t stop and she leapt off the ledge. She fell a couple hundred feet and hit the ground. The force of the impact cracked the ground. She looked around to see if any body was around.

She didn’t spot any movement. She turns her head and listens. Her sensitive hearing picks up the heartbeat of a demon.


“You can come out I know you’re here!” shouted Jade.

She drew her sword from the sheath.


Vega steps from the shadows up high on a ledge.


“So you showed up. Bravo for the brave warrior here to save the world and slay the demon. A world that will turn on you” said Vega.


“They will turn against us all don’t see that” said Vega.


“I’m here to put a stop to your killing sprees!” shouted Jade.


“That sounds like a fairy tale. But this is the real world and there isn’t always a happy ending to the story. Just ask your friend ()” said Vega.


“You murdered him!” yelled Jade.


“Yes, I did” said Vega.


‘His death was meaningless” said Jade.


                                                       Page 2

“That’s not entirely true. His death brought you here” said Vega.


He jumped down off the ledge and landed behind Jade with his back to her. He held his sword out to his side.


“The real question is why I wanted you here” said Vega.


Jade spun around and attacked Vega. Vega took and moved his sword behind his back and blocked the attack. Vega spins around and punches Jade. She flies back and lands on her feet.


Vega ran at super speed towards Jade. She leapt out of the way. He ran past again she blocked with her sword. Sparks shot from the colliding blades. He ran directly at Jade. He lowered his sword. Jade blocked with her sword and was sent skidding backwards by the force of the blow.


Jade runs at Vega. He super speeds out of the way. He comes back around behind Jade. She stabs her sword behind her and stabs him in the stomach. Vega grabs her and throws her to the side. She spins around and lands on her feet.


She holds out her sword on is demon blood. The blood starts to turn to embers and float into the air. The wound on Vega’s stomach heals shut.


“You are going to have to do better than that” said Vega.


She runs at him and slashes at him. He dodges the blow. She punches at him he grabs her arm and knees her in the stomach a couple of times. He picks her up and slams her into a stone pillar. Pieces of rock crumble from the cracking pillar. He turns and throws her. She rolls and hits the ground.


She struggles to get up. Vega walks towards her.


“The reason you’re here is to decide the fate of this world not by this battle by your choices” said Vega.


“What the hell are you talking about?” said Jade as she got up.

“A war is coming one far greater than what I am doing now. More people will die” said Vega.

“I will stop you” said Jade.


“Who ever says I’ll start it” said Vega.


“Then who does?” asked Jade.


“I can’t tell you just yet because I’m not sure” said Vega.

                                                  Page 3


Jade has her hand behind her back she is taking a shruiken from her belt.

She throws it at Vega. He raises his sword and deflects the shruiken.

Jade runs at Vega. She and Vega slash at each other sparks shoot from there swords.

Jade connects with an uppercut to Vega’s jaw it breaks. The bones reset themselves with crunches and cracks. Vega takes and slams his palm into Jade’s chest. Jade slides backwards she falls down to one knee and coughs up blood.


“You know I’m holding back” said Vega.

“I need you alive” said Vega.

“I don’t care what you want!” yelled Jade.

“Even if it damns this planet to death” said Vega.


Jade didn’t answer.


“You could save this planet all you have to do is cooperate with me” said Vega.

“I’d be working with the devil” said Jade

“Just because something is evil doesn’t mean there isn’t some good in them” said Vega.

“And not all good people are saviors” said Vega.


Jade eyes started to constrict.


“Don’t talk to me about saviors. You murdered the only person I loved!” yelled Jade.

“Means to an end, means to an end” said Vega.

Jade ran at Vega she stuck her sword into his chest and twisted it.  Vega yelled. She head butted him. Vega’s nose broke. She kicked the sword from Vega’s hand. She grabbed his arm and snapped it. Vega eyes started to glow yellow.


Jade started to pull her sword from his chest. Vega took and shattered the blade. Jade fell backwards with the hilt of the sword in her hand. Vega’s wounds started healing.


“I’m trying to help your making very difficult for me” said Vega.

His eyes glowed even more.


“There is only one thing I can do to show you” said Vega.

Jade got up. She took out all of her shruikens and threw them at Vega. Vega let off a blast of energy that disintegrated the shruikens into dust.


Vega super speeded towards Jade and he punched. Jade flew into the air and smacked into a stone pillar. The force of the impact broke the pillar in two. It fell over backwards.

Vega walked over to Jade.


Jade was bleeding.  He stands over Jade.

“Now you will see what I see” said Vega.

He kneels down and touches Jade. Jade is struck by a vision.

                                                            Page 4  

It is the future or seems to be. She sees the rise of a new branch of humans. She sees how the war escalates throughout the years. She sees the deaths of countless people both human and god. She then sees immeasurable death and destruction then finally the end.


Jade screams. Vega lets go.

“Now you see” said Vega.

He throws a letter on Jade.

Vega gets up and walks away he grabs his sword.

“Follow those directions and you just might save the world” said Vega.

Jade blacks out as he walks away.



Fifty years later in the kingdom of Avalon.

A precession of horses went traveled through the forest.

The young princess Radinka was in the precession.

Some of the knights rode ahead.


One knight turned his head and listened. An arrow struck him in the neck and he fell off his horse. Orcs came out of their hiding places in the forest. The knights drew their weapons. The Orcs swarmed the knights.  One Orc leapt and knocked a knight off his horse. The Orc started to stab the knight with a short sword. A knight threw a spear and hit an Orc in the chest.


“Protect the Princess!” shouted one of the knights.


A band of Orcs was making its way towards Radinka. One knight jumped from his horse ran to protect the princess and with his sword stuck it through an Orc’s back. The sword came out the Orc’s chest. He pulled it out and the Orc fell to his knees. He swung his sword and chopped off another Orc’s arm. Blood sprayed from the stump. He spun around and slashed again. The sword gashed the Orc’s throat blood spurted from the wound and onto the knight.


One of the Orc’s swung there sword at the knight he dodged is and grabbed onto the Orc’s arm. He pulled the Orc closer and wrapped his arm around its neck and snapped it.

He let the body fall to the ground. He ran at another Orc and swung his sword and hacked off an Orc’s leg it fell over bleeding. He spun around and chopped off another Orc’s head. The severed head flew into the air and hit the ground. The body fell onto its knees and blood spurted from the neck.


The knight brought his sword up and slashed an Orc in the chest. He ducked under an Orc’s sword. He swung and hacked the Orc in half at the waist. The knight is hit in the leg with an arrow. He reaches down and rips it out.




                                                           Page 5

Another arrow stuck into the knight’s arm. The knight tackled one of the Orcs and fell to the ground. Another Orc came and hit the knight in the back of the head with the hilt of his sword. The knight fell over on his knees.


The Orc grabbed Radinka. She kicked and screamed. The Orc dragged Radinka off.

The knight passed out.


Later after King Chalmers got the news of Radinka’s abduction. 

In the throne room of Castle Avalon Chalmers talked with his two sons Alexander and Avalanche.


“We have to get her back” said Chalmers.

“I can get her back” said Alexander.

“I can too” said Avalanche.

“I’ll go alone” said Alexander.

“You can’t expect me to just stay here” said Avalanche.

“Avalanche, you know he will bring her back” said Chalmers.

Avalanche got quiet.

“Go and bring back Radinka” said Chalmers.

Alexander nodded his head and walked away.

Avalanche followed him out into the hall.

“The kingdom needs you, Avalanche” said Alexander.

“Father needs you” said Alexander.

“But I need you” said Avalanche.

“I know” said Alexander.

“I trained you for the day… that I wouldn’t be coming back so that Avalon would have a protector if I ever didn’t make it back” said Alexander.

“You are coming back don’t talk that way” said Avalanche.

Alexander went into his room. He threw a duffel bag on his bed.

He took and shoved some explosives into it.

He took and put a belt on with holsters on it. He took and shoved two daggers into the sheath. He opened a drawer and pulled out a handgun he slipped a clip into to the bottom and slammed it in with a click.

“We are mortal Avalanche you have to understand that we die sometime” said Alexander.

He put the handgun into one of the holsters he took another one and slid a clip in and shoved it into the holster.

Avalanche walked out of the room.

“But we will be remembered” said Avalanche.

“Avalanche” said Alexander.

Avalanche turned around.

“Give this to Felix” said Alexander.

Alexander tossed Avalanche a rifle.

“I will” said Avalanche.



Later in the forest Alexander had followed the scent and tracked the Orc trail.

Alexander took and turned his head he heard multiple heart beats. He withdrew his daggers from the sheaths. He started to run. He jumped and stabbed his daggers into an Orc’s back. They fell to the ground. He got up and pulled his daggers out of the Orc.

He got up and ran some more. He saw to more Orc’s they saw him and drew their swords. One swung its sword at him he ducked down and stabbed his dagger into its armpit and pulled it out. He stood up and slashed the other Orc’s throat. Blood spurted from the wound. He lifted the one Orc up into the air and stabbed it with his other dagger. He tossed the Orc onto the ground.


Alexander leaned back arrows sunk into the tree behind him. Alexander looked towards where the arrow came from. Another arrow came his way. He smacked it out of the way with his dagger. He started running forward another arrow was shot his way. He deflected it. He flipped over the Orc and stabbed it in the back. He let the body fall to the ground.


More Orcs came from the forest. They surrounded Alexander.

One came at him with a sword. He blocked with his dagger and swung with the other one and cut off the Orc’s hand. He took and drove the dagger into the Orc’s throat. Another Orc ran up and swung its sword Alexander ducked the sword hacked off the other Orc’s head. Blood sprayed up into the air


Alexander kicked the Orcs leg sending it flipping sideways He kicked it in the chest and sent it backwards. He ducked to dodge another Orc coming from behind him. The sword just barely misses his head. The Orc comes back and jabs at Alexander he catches it with both arms. He maneuvers the Orc’s sword and stabs an oncoming Orc in the chest. He kicks another Orc that was running at him he spins and cuts off the Orcs arm off with a scissor like motion blood splashed in the air.


Another Orc was running at him he aimed his dagger and tackled the Orc and meanwhile stuck the dagger into his chest. He rolled and got up and continued running.


He saw a small clearing. In it was a camp. There was a wooden building in the center of it. He took out two guards stealthily. He made his way to the wooden building. He threw satchel charges down as he went. He looked inside and saw Radinka.  He placed satchel charges on the building.


Inside an Orc heard a knock on the door. He went to answer it. No one was there. He  stepped outside.. Alexander came down and lifted him off the ground and stabbed him in the chest.  He threw the Orc on the ground. The other Orc’s saw this and got up from what they were doing. A couple of the Orcs walked towards the door.


Alexander smashed through one of the windows and landed inside. He had a remote in his hand .


“Who are you!?” yelled one of the Orcs.

“I’m her big brother” said Alexander.

“And I’ve come to get her back” said Alexander.

“Let her go” said Alexander.

“What if I refuse” said the leader orc.

“Then I’ll do this” said Alexander.

He pressed a button on the remote. The satchel charge lit up. It blew up. The explosion threw some of the Orcs to the floor. Alexander stood there.

Alexander took and threw his dagger it cut the rope that was tying up Radinka.

“Come here Radinka” said Alexander.

She hugged his leg hard.

“Radinka, I need you to run and get as far away from here as you can” said Alexander.

She nodded and ran.

Alexander looked at his watch. One of the Orc’s threw a dagger at Alexander it knocked the detonator from his hand.

“Kill him now” said the leader Orc.

The Orcs swarmed towards him.

He withdrew his handguns. He shot a couple of the Orcs. Some the Orcs fired arrows at him. He ducked down but got hit in the shoulder. He hit into a table and knocked it over. He hid behind it. A volley of arrows sunk into the table. He leaned around and fired off random shots.

He rips the arrow from his shoulder.

He put one of his gun back into the holster and took out his knife.



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